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Microbiology E. Coli Testing

Because of the health problems caused by certain strains of e. coli, Madison Core Labs offers microbiology testing specifically for this pathogen.

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Why E. Coli Testing with Madison Core Laboratories?

E. coli is a bacteria that can be found just about anywhere, from fresh produce to raw milk to people’s intestines. Many strains of e. coli exist, but only a few of them are harmful.

PCR Testing for E. Coli

PCR testing multiplies genes so they can be detected more easily, and the genes found in e. coli are no exception. Around 30 cycles of PCR can create a billion copies of the DNA strand Madison Core Labs tests for.

It is the ideal type of testing for rapid disease detection, such as when a patient was exposed to a dangerous form of e. coli like O157:H7. Since it relies on unique DNA strands, PCR testing for e. coli is extremely sensitive and specific. The cost of PCR testing for e. coli is quite reasonable as well.

The professionals at Madison Core Labs have the knowledge of specific target DNA sequences and the training necessary to deliver e. coli testing that is fast, accurate, and cost-effective. The result is more informed doctors and patients and a clearer path to treatment.

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