Long-Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities

How do we partner with these facilities?

Assisted living and long-term care facilities rely on dependable lab services. Madison Core Laboratories delivers, so these vital facilities can offer the best Mobile Phlebotomy services.

At Madison Core Laboratories, we offer Mobile Services with rapid dispatch for all your laboratory needs. We strive to attain the quickest and most accurate diagnostic testing results to assist Long-Term Care and Assisted Living residents and staff, partnering with the facilities to help manage residents’ health and wellness goals.

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“Madison Core Laboratories has been servicing The Madison Village since 2019. The staff at Madison Core labs has always been professional and efficient in their services. Customer service is top notch. I have complete faith in Kim Schultz and her team in the services they provide to our residents.”
Jill S. Benefield LPN,ALA, The Madison Village Executive Director

Kim Schultz

MCL Long-term Care Director

In late 2015, Madison Core Labs identified a market need for a laboratory dedicated to elderly patients. Kim Schultz, with prior pharmacogenomic laboratory and sales experience, was brought on board to help MCL fill this gap in the local healthcare industry. Kim is fully committed to her long-term care and assisted living clients, and works diligently along with her team to ensure that clients receive the best service possible. As a result of their efforts, over 135 Long-term Care and Assisted Living facilities depend on Madison Core Labs for their laboratory and mobile phlebotomy services.

Kim’s passion for patients is evident. She believes that each patient deserves respect and should receive the best care that MCL can offer. Kim states, “Our laboratory test results are the playbook for physicians, so we know that rapid turnaround times matter.” We also understand that the service of mobile phlebotomy can offset the pressure on the healthcare teams today by giving them more time to be patient focused rather than lab focused. Kim believes the greatest reward of her role is to see people get better. Her philosophy is “I believe in what we do and how well we must do it!”

Laboratory Services available to our Long-Term Care and Assisted Living clients include:


  • Comprehensive review of client needs and workflow
  • In-service for clinical staff
    Complete review of Policies, Procedures, and Standing Orders.


  • Standing order completed by mid-month so audits can take place with healthcare staff
  • Rejections reassigned Internet‑based ordering system available
  • Add-on tests available for 7 days after collection date
  • Internet access for laboratory results


  • Expert, highly-skilled phlebotomists trained in geriatric patient collections
  • HIPAA-trained
  • Member of AccuShield


  • 24-48 hours turnaround on most laboratory tests
  • Easy-to-schedule Courier services available Monday‑Sunday
  • Competitive pricing

“We use Madison Core Laboratories for 19 assisted living communities in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi and trust them completely for all our laboratory needs. Since the very beginning of our relationship with MCL, Kim Schultz and the rest of the staff has been completely available to us for every need. They keep the couriers running between our facilities and the labs, and our tests are always processed and results provided promptly.

Through the pandemic, we relied on MCL heavily as they sent staff to our facilities for mass testing, and kept us stocked with extra COVID-19 tests so we could test immediately as needed. They provided us with the lab supplies needed to swab for COVID-19, they helped provide us unprecedented PPE needs, and worked around the clock to make sure our facilities had everything we needed to keep our staff and residents safe.

I highly recommend Madison Core Laboratories to other assisted living and long-term care facilities. They have proven themselves to be a valuable partner to us and I truly value our relationship.”

Sandy Brackin, Regional Operations Director, Hickory Senior Living

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