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Madison Core Labs’ Offers Options to Providers

Healthcare providers can’t waste time procuring lab testing results or sharing files. Madison Core Labs’ provider solutions save time and frustration.

Without timely communication between providers and lab testing services, patient outcomes can suffer. Madison Core Laboratories offers provider portals for accessing results, sharing files, and more.

We offer the following portals for healthcare providers for greater efficiency and convenience:


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Provider Portal

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If you have questions about these portals or want to know more about creating accounts, we encourage you to contact us.

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“In March of 2022, we transitioned to Madison Core Laboratories for our laboratory testing in our facility. Kim, our account representative, had our facility up and running quickly and easily with supplies and access to the provider portal for ordering tests and reporting results. The medical director and nursing staff have been pleased with the change as well as the quick turn around time and accuracy of test results. We have been pleased with the quality of care from Madison Core Laboratories and recommend their superior service to other facilities looking for accurate and timely testing.”
Polly Camron, MLT, Summerford Health and Rehab