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What makes us different?

Madison Core Laboratories is a CLIA-certified laboratory that offers unique testing services to physicians, clinics, and other laboratories throughout the United States. We are dedicated to improving quality of life for patients, by optimizing medical care and outcomes for each individual through the utilization of personalized medicine. Our state-of-the-art technologies across multiple disciplines allows us to provide fast, accurate analyses to clinicians and their patients. 

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Our Core Laboratory Testing

Our services were developed to meet the specific needs of patients and providers. Blood and body fluid testing is one of the most crucial tools used by physicians. We offer a variety of panels spanning multiple healthcare specialties as well as custom testing capabilities through our expansive test menu. The accurate and timely information provided by our testing gives providers the tools necessary to create the most effective treatment plan for their patients. Madison Core Laboratories provides the vital testing needed to support a methodical diagnosis process. 


Testing Disciplines:
  • Chemistry
  • Immunology
  • Hematology
  • Coagulation
  • Urinalysis

Our Technology

Our analytic instrumentation is comprised of numerous testing platforms, and our experienced and skilled laboratory scientists are trained in quality, efficiency, and compliance standards. We utilize high performing laboratory instrumentation that yields high quality and reliable clinical results. Our testing platforms are able to accommodate a wide variety of blood testing assays while maintaining a throughput which provides the rapid turnaround time needed by our clinicians. Our testing platforms analytical capability is flexible which allows us to offer more diverse clinical testing profiles. The reliability of our technology allows us to provide seamless continuity of service to each of our ordering providers.  

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Service Solutions

In an industry where quality and accuracy is a necessity, our expertise and availability set us apart from the competition.

  • Clients have consistent access to pertinent information and support from our dedicated staff of highly trained laboratory scientists.
  • Interpretation of our reporting and analysis is easy to decipher and available in several formats depending on the client’s wants and needs.
  • Our procedures for processing samples and reporting results were developed with patient care and excellence in accuracy in mind.
  • The reliable reporting and high-quality results with rapid turnaround times allows providers to focus on treating their patients.

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Yes: Madison Core Laboratories managing staff have been very responsive to our needs and requests. We are particularly pleased about the integration in process with our software. They are willing to find better ways to be user friendly and streamline work.
Renea Standridge, RN Director of Nursing Hanceville Nursing and Rehabilitation