Microbiology Testing Services and Complex or Unknown Infections

Sometimes routine pathogen testing cannot identify an organism that is causing an infection. Microbiology testing allows for more in-depth investigation that other testing might miss.

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Why do we need microbiology testing?

Routine PCR tests can identify most causes of illness in the human respiratory, GI, and urogenital tracts. But sometimes a person contracts an infection caused by an uncommon pathogen that routine tests do not identify.

Microbiology laboratories use both traditional and advanced diagnostic techniques to identify uncommon pathogens. Emerging pathogens and antibiotic-resistant bacteria require the use of microbial testing so that healthcare teams can develop treatment plans.

A microbial study can identify bacteria, fungi, or protozoans in a specimen collected from a patient. Microbiology testing may also be used when doctors suspect multiple infectious agents in a patient’s illness.

Madison Core Labs provides accurate and efficient microbiology testing services for complex infections and for infections where routine diagnostic testing is insufficient for a proper diagnosis.

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