Urgent Care

How do we partner with Urgent Care Facilities?

Madison Core Laboratories partners with Urgent Care facilities because of the major need for convenient and efficient health care. Urgent Care provides essential health care when making an appointment will not work and wait times at hospitals or emergency rooms are not a good option.

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  • Essential blood tests for when patients come to Urgent Care
  • Eliminates the need for patients to go to an offsite draw center and wait either before or after an appointment


We provide a variety of testing options for Urgent Care patients:

  • Standard blood tests
  • COVID-19, Respiratory, UTI, STD, Women’s Health, GI, and more, with state-of-the-art PCR tests
  • Microbiology
  • Toxicology

Patients are able to get all their testing needs from one visit.


  • Part of what makes urgent care great is the price.
  • Urgent care centers are significantly less expensive than the emergency room.
  • There is a good chance (but not 100%) patient insurance will be accepted
  • Even without insurance, patients are much better off paying out-of-pocket at urgent care than at a hospital.