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Thoroughness with a Difference

Our blood chemistry testing services were developed to meet specific needs of patients and providers. It can be a crucial tool for physicians. The accurate and timely information provided by our testing gives providers what they need to create the most effective treatment plans. 

In an industry where precision is pertinent, our expertise and availability set us apart from the competition. Clients have consistent access to pertinent information and support from our dedicated staff of highly trained chemists. Interpretation of our reporting and analysis is easy to decipher.

Our procedures for processing samples and reporting results were developed with patient care and excellence in accuracy in mind. Within 24-48 hours of a typical specimen draw, results are in the hands of the provider. The ultimate aim of blood chemistry testing is to improve people’s quality of life by optimizing their medical care.

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Timely Blood Chemistry Testing, but Never at the Expense of Accuracy

Both doctors and patients want blood chemistry panels that offer answers quickly. More importantly, they want blood chemistry tests that deliver precise answers. Madison Core Laboratories provides the utmost accuracy and the most complete information with our testing technology. Our blood chemistry panels empower medical teams with the tools they need to create effective treatment plans and improve patients’ lives.

The blood chemistry testing results that our lab provides offer a number of benefits to medical practitioners:

  • Practitioners have access to information and support from a dedicated staff
  • We present blood chemistry testing results in an easy-to-understand format
  • Practitioners have resulted in their hands in 24 to 48 hours

If you’re hesitant to change your process for obtaining blood chemistry testing, let us put your mind at ease. Madison Core Labs offers courier service. We retrieve specimens daily from physicians’ drop boxes. Moreover, we provide laboratory supplies at no cost to physicians’ offices that use our services.

Put simply, we have a better way of providing blood chemistry testing, from the blood draw to the delivery of results.

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Mobile Phlebotomy

Madison Core Labs carries out mobile phlebotomy services. We serve long-term care and assisted living facilities, hospice facilities, and physician offices, for outstanding convenience and efficiency.

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