GI Pathogen Array

GI Pathogen Detection


  • 2-4 billion incidences of infectious diarrhea annually (world-wide)
    • Even in the US, there are millions of cases of infectious diarrhea each year
    • Over 100,000 hospital admissions and 3,000 deaths in US every year
    • Caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites

When should testing be ordered?

  • Immunocompromised patients
    • Newborns/infants and elderly
    • Chronic diseases such as cancer, HIV
    • Serious co-morbidities such as chronic heart failure, liver failure or kidney failure
  • Persistent diarrhea
  • Traveled outside of the country in the past few weeks
  • Hospitalized patient or other care institution
  • Bloody diarrhea

Why order the GI Pathogen Molecular Array test?

  • Increased sensitivity as compared to traditional culture
  • Increased specificity through specific identification of organisms
  • Faster turn around time